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I don't even know where to start, my son has been with Miss Sunita for the last 2 years. He started at Sunita's Montessori and moved to Montessori of Sandy (same teacher), I always get compliments on how smart and well behaved my son is...



Exercises of Practical Life

Care of self
Care of environment
Grace and courtesy
Elementary activities
Walking on line (helps coordinate movement)
Silent activity (Child learns to control his or her whole body and achieves self control)

Sensorial Tools

Colors, shapes and dimensions help to refine the Visual Sense.
Sounds and noises help refine the Auditory Sense.
Surface texture helps to refine the Tactile Sense.
Smells help to refine his or her Olfactory (smell) Sense.
Weights help to refine your child's baric Sense.
Feeling the forms help to refine your child's Stereo Gnostic Sense.

Cultural Activities

Our world
The world of plants
The world of animals
The world of science
The world of man


Language is the most powerful instrument of the human progress. The language in Montessori Schools is enriched in various ways through stories, poems, songs, and “I Spy” games.

The three stages in reading are
Mechanical Reading
Interpretive Reading
Appreciative Reading.


All the activities of Math are divided into five groups.

Understand quantity and symbol of numbers 0 to 10.
Overall picture of Decimal System of Numeration. We first introduce the quantity then the symbols followed by functions of the Decimal System where quantity and the symbol are combined through games and activities for the four processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Linear Counting, Skip counting and traditional names.
Memorizing the basic tables in each operation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Passage into abstraction.