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Our success is measured by the happiness of our children, parents and the progress of our "graduates”.

We stumbled upon the Montessori of Sandy right when they were opening this location. We wanted to find quality pre-school for my son who was 3 at the time. We were welcomed right in and Miss Sunita explained the Montessori way of learning. She spent at least an hour with us and my son warmed right up to her. She has a way with children that is indescribable. The things that my son has learned in his time here is amazing! Not only do they learn reading, and writing, and mathematics, they learn real world life skills. Another reason that I love this school it is very culturally diverse. I ended up keeping my son at this school for Kindergarten. Next year he will have to leave to attend second grade and I'm beyond sad. I wish I could have Miss Sunita teach him until he graduates. If you are looking for quality education and someone to love and cherish your children. This is the right place!
Brittany Martinez
4 months ago

My wife and I would like to commend you and the staff for your effort.  The Montessori has proven to be an effective and beneficial setting for our daughter.  She has made many friends and surprises us with things she has learned.  We only have Challenger as something to compare to- you have compared quite well.  Lila seems to respect the teachers, which is important to us.  The activities and concerts are great.  We like the fact that kids are not forced to learn a certain subject and they chose their own path to a degree.  That is how we like to teach our daughter, by giving her guidelines and letting her gravitate towards something.

Overall, your school is a place where we would recommend others.  In fact, we already have, that is why we have kept Lila with you even living so far away.  We plan on keeping Lila with you until she enters public school.  We feel great having her with you – as we see your love for the children everyday.  Thank you for all you do and we hope things keep progressing for your school.

Best Regards
Rich & Cassie Reavis

We have two daughters that attend Montessori Of Sandy.  Everything is structured into a fun, learning environment.  The kids actually have fun while they are learning.  This is, in our opinion, what sets Montessori apart from the other daycares/schools in the area.  When we first moved here, we tried a different daycare and did not care for it at all.  Mostly, at pick-up time, what I saw were kids running around unstructured and unsupervised.  At Montessori, whenever we enter, the first thing we see is actual supervised, structured activity.  Even snacks are structured, with no kids running around wildly.  This, to us, is very important.

The learning is real and measureable.  Both of our daughters have improved in areas of spelling, counting, reading, math and everything else  I can imagine.  The tachers are involved in all aspects of the learning arena.  Both our daughters are always happy to share with us what they learned that  day.  The teachers have actual expectations of each student, something that you don’t see very often in this “Every child deserves a gold star” society in which we live.  This is something that we love.  Actual expectations of each child.  Imagine that.

Last and most importantly, our daughters love coming here each day.  We originally looked into Montessori due to it’s proximity to our house and, of course, name recognition.  However, we have decided that even if we move, we will continue to bring our daughters here.  Why?  Because they love it. They learn, have fun, they get to see their friends, things are structures in an enjoyable manner for their age and other ages as well.

As you can see, we are happy with Montessori and all the people of Montessori.  I can’t think of anything that I would change. 

Thank You Montessori for providing this safe, fun, learning environment for our children.

Proud parents, Sean Hughes and Sonia Cabreizo

Miss Sunita's School has been great. Our 3 year old is writing and learning to read. We have been very
happy with the curriculum and our daughter loves going to school.


Sunita has now taken 3 of our children through kindergarten, She is very loving and cares about her kids. She truly loves teaching and values each kid individually. We have had amazing experiences with our children and hey have been challenged in their learning environments. We have two kids left and they will both be attending Sunita's and learning under her. We feel blessed to know her as a teacher and to count her as a true friend.

Jason Hall


My son has attended Montessori of Sandy since it opened and we are so impressed by what our little guy has learned and how well behaved he is. He is miles ahead of others his age and loves learning! We credit it all to Ms. Sunita and the love she shows the kids. We will miss her dearly when we have to find a new teacher next year.

by User112349 on ksl.com

Fabulous School!

I don't even know where to start, my son has been with Miss Sunita for the last 2 years. He started at Sunita's Montessori and moved to Montessori of Sandy (same teacher), I always get compliments on how smart and well behaved my son is. I wish I could take credit for this but all credit goes to Miss Sunita she is an amazing teacher she has transformed my son to an amazing little boy full of confidence and great self esteem and is always learning new things and is always excited to go to school. I highly recommend this school to anyone that is looking for a safe and healthy environment and good education.

by User82869 on ksl.com

My daughter attended this school for two years and she loved it. The teachers are sweet and make you feel comfortable. My daughter loved going everyday. It is a great place and she learned a lot.


This is the most amazing learning experience you could ask for! Miss Sunita has been a true blessing to our life. My child has come so far in education and emotional learning! I wish she could stay there forever!
Raquelle Dickerson
a year ago

My daughter was two year old when i brought her to MOM (Montessori Of Millcreek). I was a new parent with a billion questions, not one went unanswered. the teachers guided me through the first day of dropping her off until yesterday when i begged them to take her and make me happy because she has been begging me to go to school the entire weekend which is what i deal with every saturday and sunday when there is no school. 

She knows all the teachers by name and talks about specific moments of their day together. They are so giving to the love and care for each child that I see walk through that door, even the hard ones they have to deal with. They are kind, understanding and i know without a doubt when I leave my daughter is being taken care of 100%. They are honest, if they see an issue with my child they will be the first ones to confront and ask what is going on with them and if there is anything they can do to help.

I love the diversity of the kids and teachers. I think this is so valuable to her learning experience. I am blown away by how much my daughter has learned at this school. I know she will excel in school because of what they are eatching her. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. There is one bad thing, at some point my daughter will grow out of it and have to leave. This will be one of the most emotional days of both of our lives.

- Valerie Herre and Pepper June

My daughter started at Montessori Of Millcreek when she was two and it has been a great experience for our family. Miss Lana is very sweet and loving and my daughter really likes her. She had learned a lot from Miss Lana's class besides colors and shapes, she understands sharing and helping. All the tecahers including Nahid have been very helpful and positive through difficult drop off periods and now potty training. It is a great school.

- Sarah Safari