More About Montessori 

My son has attended Montessori of Sandy since it opened and we are so impressed by what our little guy has learned and how well behaved he is. He is miles ahead of others his age and loves learning!...


The Importance Of The Three Year Cycle

One of the fundamental concepts of the Montessori Program is the three- year cycle. This cycle is what makes the Montessori classroom a community of learners. Young children as young as two and a half to three years come into the classroom finding it difficult to carry out even the most basic activities. The older children in the classroom naturally step forward to assist the newcomers. This interaction between children of different ages allows the younger child to model behavior and the older child to practice parenting. A child changes through each of the three years in a classroom. They may come into the room shy and hesitant to try things, but he will leave that classroom three years later confident in their abilities and ready for new challenges. Dominant personalities have to learn to follow, while
quieter children acquire the skills for leadership. They learn to work in teams and are sometimes in the leader’s position and sometimes in the position of the follower. This transition is made with ease.

The kindergarten year is a critical component of the three- year early Childhood Montessori program. This is the year many of the earlier experiences are internalized and reinforced. When they leave Montessori before kindergarten, many of their earlier learning experiences may be lost because they are not reinforced or commonly understood. Being able to experience all the social levels of the classroom helps the child to understand the complexities of the larger world. They are prepared to meet the world with confidence and accept new challenges with a smile.