More About Montessori 

Sunita has now taken 3 of our children through kindergarten, She is very loving and cares about her kids. She truly loves teaching and values each kid individually. We have had amazing experiences with our children and hey have been challenged in their learning environments...




Based on the development of
the child
Based on the transfer of a
national curriculum
Children follow their own
interests and learn at their
own pace
Children learn from a set
curriculum according to a preset
time frame
Children teach themselves
using specially prepared
Children are taught by the
Children develop their ability
to discover for themselves
Learning is based on subjects
and based on what is given
Learning based on physical
exploration of environment
Children sit at desks and learn
from worksheets and white
Teacher works with children Class is teacher led
Intrinsic Motivation Motivation through rewards and
Uninterrupted work flow Block time, period lessons
Multi-age Classrooms Single-graded Classrooms